The Pilgrims: History, Myth and Legacy


9/22/20 – Pilgrim origins and emigration to the New World. Jesse Waldinger.

The Pilgrims, History, Myth, Legacy – Powerpoint

9/29/20 – Native Americans in New England before 1620.  John Dickson.

The World the Pilgrims Found – Powerpoint

10/6/20 –  Part I: Establishment of Plimoth Plantation and early contacts with the Natives. Waldinger.

Part II: Life in Plymouth Colony. Dickson.

The World the Pilgrims Made – Powerpoint

10/13/20 – Plymouth and Beyond: neighboring settlements and relations with the Natives. Dickson.

Pilgrims – beyond Plymouth – Powerpoint

10/20/20 – Pilgrim myths. Waldinger.

PILGRIMS – Myth and Legacy – Powerpoint

10/27/20 – Impact of the Pilgrim story on the Berkshires.

Berkshire Eagle, “400 years on, Legacy of Pride, Prejudice,” Saturday, October 24, 2020

Berkshire Eagle, “We Must Acknowledge our History,” Lauren Stevens, October 26, 2020

Plymouth 400 – Stockbridge Mohicans – Powerpoint




Selected Background Reading

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