Great Decisions

April 17 – Coronavirus

Richard Haas Coronavirus

Bill Gates Pandemic Video 2015

Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security Pandemic Planning Exercise, Video 2019

April 24 – Climate change

Great Decisions – Climate change

Thomas Friedman op-ed

History’s Largest Mining Operation – The Atlantic

The Lab That Discovered Climate Change – New York Times

May 1 – India/Pakistan

Great Decisions – India Pakistan

New Yorker – Partition

May 8 – Red Sea

Great Decisions – Red Sea

What Happens if Oil Doesn’t Recover

From earlier classes:

Stopping Deforestation Can Prevent Pandemics

How Modi Has Trampled the Founding Idea of India – The Atlantic

May 15 – Northern Triangle

Great Decisions – Northern Triangle

COVID-19-Essential Workers, Migration Policy Institute

William Burns Make or Break Test, The Atlantic

May 22 – Can US Foreign Policy Recover?

Great Decisions – Human Trafficking (video) 

Great Decisions Human Trafficking Essay

Foreign Policy Recovery – Secretary Pompeo “The West is Winning” 

Foreign Policy Recovery – Nick Burns “US Absence from World Stage”



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